Chalet De Luxe Berg

Chalet De Luxe Berg


The main points.
1. Only consecutive periods can be booked of a minimum of 3 months.
2. Mandatory final cleaning at the end of the rental period.
3. Animals only allowed on agreement.
4. Items/furnishings in and around the holiday home must be handled with care
5. Normal garden maintenance, lawn mowing, pruning etc. must be performed by the tenant.
6. Damage to or around the home (furnishings) will be claimed from the tenant..
7. The property is non-smoking; so no smoking inside. When smoking outside, butts and ashes must be cleared up immediately
8. No cause inconvenience to other park guests present and / or other persons ( in accordance with the park rules)
9. Activities for the maintenance of the chalet (inside and outside) and/or maintenance of the garden may be carried out during the day by the park owner or owner. Work/maintenance will of course take place in consultation..
10. There are mailboxes for rent at the park.
11. In the event of repeated non-compliance with the park rules, house rules and/or instructions from the park management, the park manager reserves the right to deny the tenants access to the park immediately, without refund of rent and other costs already paid..

Price indication
If you are interested in a long stay at our chalet, we would like to get in touch with you and we will of course be happy to email our prices for the desired period without any obligation.
Mail your details

1. Name,
2. Mobil Number,
3. address (with street name, zip code, house number),
4. the period concerned (start date and end date),
5. the number of persons,
6. pets you want to bring,

We will then inform you as soon as possible whether our chalet is available and we will provide you with a quotation without obligation..

Download PDF: PRICES